Flowing River Relaxing Massage

Allow your stresses to fall away with this delightful head to toe massage. Flowing strokes and organic aromatherapy oil help you to slow down and connect with deep inner peace. Classic Swedish massage is accented by a mix of specialised techniques applied with a varying, soothing pressure.  Soft ambient music is played in the background  to encourage you to drift away.

60 Minutes…..£68 90 Minutes…..£93

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Pregnancy Massage

Designed specifically for mums to be, Pregnancy or Pre-Natal Massage helps decrease swelling, reduce stress, and relieve achey muscles and joints.  Unscented oil is used in this head-to-toe predominantly relaxation based massage.

Special side-lying positioning and supportive pillows are used to ensure comfort at all times.  Targeted pressure can be requested on areas of pronounced tension. This treatment is safe for women who are through their first trimester and are having a healthy pregnancy.

60 Minutes….£68
90 Minutes….£93

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Hot Stone Massage

Experience a new level of peace and relaxation with this truly indulgent head to toe 90 minute massage.  Warmed basalt stones provide a deeply soothing heat as they glide across your muscles, melting away every remaining trace of tension. 

90 Minutes…..£112

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Revitalising Deep Tissue Massage

Release built up tension in your body with this specialised treatment.  Firm pressure is used to soften and re-balance tensed muscles and relax the myofascial tissue.  Pinpoint pressure is then applied to knotted areas until you experience relief.  Your therapist may use hands, forearms and elbows to achieve access to the deepest layers of muscle tissue. This treatment is generally head-to-toe, however, during your consultation you may request focused work on troublesome areas. 45 Minutes…..£58 60 Minutes…..£72 90 Minutes…..£97

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Indian Bliss (Ayurvedic) Massage

The long, smooth strokes of this head-to-toe ancient massage from India is complemented by imported Maharishi Organic herbal-infused Ayurvedic oils.  Our Dosha analysis will result in a bespoke blend of therapeutic oil that enourages balance as it is absorbed through the body’s largest organ — the skin.  Inclusion of the abdomen and chest re-connects you to your body’s core. Pressure is applied according to your preference.  Our Ayurvedic Dosha analysis with personalised advice is your to keep. 60 Minutes…..£80 90 Minutes….£106

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Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Whether you are an athlete, keen regular exerciser or once a week jogger minor injuries and lesions can build up as a result of over exerting or general overuse of the muscle.  Sports massage can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement. Sports massage tends to be a fairly deep massage in the areas of complaint but will also often incorporate stretching of problematic areas. Your therapist will work closely with you to ensure the correct pressure is attained. 60 Minutes…..£72 90 Minutes…..£97

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