These head to toe massages include neck, shoulders and back; arms and hands; hips, legs and feet as well as face and scalp. Our range includes a relaxing Swedish style massage, a therapeutic Deep Tissue massage, an indulgent Ayurvedic massage and a deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage.

The effectiveness and relaxation of our longer treatments for those who have less time.u00a0 Choose from 30 or 45 minute sessions of our highly effective Back Massage,u00a0 our stress-relieving Indian Head Massage, our Foot and Lower Leg Massage or our Heavenly Facial Soother.

These holistic treatments balance body mind and spirit through the use of acupressure, energetic realignment and channeling.u00a0 We offer a 30 or 60 minute Reflexology treatment, 30 or 60 minute bespoke Reiki sessions, including a consultation or a Transformational Reiki session which helps you make dramatic changes in your life.u00a0