These head to toe massages include neck, shoulders and back; arms and hands; hips, legs and feet as well as face and scalp, massage of the glutes and/or abdominal muscles is optional. Our range of treatment types includes a relaxing Swedish style massage, a traditional Sports Massage, a therapeutic Deep Tissue massage, an indulgent Ayurvedic massage, Pre-natal or Pregnancy massage for mums-to-be, a mind-body-spirit treatment with our Relaxing Reiki Massage, and a deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage.  Each session is completely personalised to meet your needs, whether that be pain-relief, relaxation, or just general wellbeing. 

These treatments deliver the effectiveness and relaxation of our longer treatments and can be combined or topped up with one of our 10-minute Add-Ons.  Choose from 30, or 45 minute sessions of our highly effective and completely personalised Back Massage, our stress-relieving Indian Head Massage (perfect for headache and neck tension), our Foot and Lower Leg Massage or our Heavenly Facial Soother which includes a detailed massage to release tension from the muscles of the face. Our Deep Tissue, Relaxing Reiki Massage and Sports massage are also available in 45 minutes durations, as is Reflexology.

These holistic treatments balance body, mind and spirit through the use of acupressure,  and/or energetic realignment and clearing using Reiki and other energy healing techniques.  With our Reflexology treatments you will experience revitalisation of the whole body through pressure point massage on the feet, and/or ears and hands.  Our bespoke Reiki sessions boosts your wellbeing by balancing your chakras and unblocking the energy channels of your energetic body.  It can also help strengthen your connection with your with your higher self and improve intuition and your own energetic awareness and sensitivity.  For those ready to make a life change, our Transformational Reiki session supports you to take the next step into becoming more of who you really are. 

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